Does UIF Pay Lump Sum? (2024)

The unemployment insurance fund known as the UIF is one of the systems that has been able to create benefits that will help the lives of many that have been contributing to the scheme. The UIF is a scheme that has helped the lives of so many persons that have been contributing and they tend to receive benefits in their times of need. As an employee or an employer, you must contribute to the UIF scheme as several good benefits are attached to it and all of this can be done during your years working for several companies.

Does UIF Pay Lump Sum?

The UIF pays out a lump sum and it depends on the tier or category that one is being affected with. The UIF lump sum comes with a death benefit, the dependent might receive R25 000 once and this fully depends on the amount of salary the contributor was being paid and how long he/she has been working before death.

Normally, the UIF pays every month on other tiers and this payment can take up to four months or more depending on how much you are to receive and how long you have been working. If you have worked for up to four years, you are to receive money for up to a year but if you have worked for about six months you can receive payments for up to four months.

Before paying for a particular tier the department of labour considers two things, your salary over the last four (4) years and your contribution over the last four (4) years as well, once you start working you are no longer entitled to receive UIF funds as the UIF will cease to pay you even if you have not been able to claim all the funds you have left in your UIF balance, these are the rules that are being stated by the UIF which you have to keep in mind.

Getting lump sum payments from the UIF can be a bit difficult because many are used to the monthly payment that is being paid by the UIF. The UIF has stated that lump sum payment can only be gotten from one of the tiers which is known as the death benefit which a huge amount of money is paid out to the family once and there are conditions to any of this.

Before being able to claim the death benefits, there are supporting documents that will be needed from you which is compulsory and there are so many verifications that you will be asked to do. The death benefit can be hard to claim especially when you fail to provide all details and when you find it difficult to verify yourself as the dependent.

If you are an employee whether a domestic or a commercial worker you are entitled to the UIF benefits as long as you work for more than 24h a month. Your employer will have to register you for the UIF and make sure you contribute your monthly 1% as this is the only way that you can benefit from the scheme. not everyone is allowed to participate in the monthly contribution by the UIF, some exceptions have been made, so you will have to read up on who is allowed and who is not as this will give you an insight if you are supposed to be contributing or not.

Some so many persons have benefited from the UIF and many more are still benefitting today. The UIF has been able to grant thousands of claims, especially during the era of the COVID-19 wave that made thousands of persons sick or even affected by losing their jobs. The YIF started as a scheme that was ready to support those that have been working for some time now and this scheme has been there for them during their time of need.

The UIF has been established to help those who have been contributing by paying them in ways which they call claims/benefits. The UIF created different tiers that individuals that are contributing to the scheme can benefit from it, they have unemployment, maternity, adoption, illness and death benefit.

All of this was done and created just to help those who are experiencing any of this in one way or the other so that they can benefit from it. The impact of the UIF was greatly felt in 2020 as there were lots of payments that were done to lots of people. Many people were able to receive compensation funds as they apply for claims and the UIF was able to record a huge number of persons who applied for this. Here is a detailed breakdown of everything that you need to know about the fund.

From the total 7 966 claims received, 57% (4 548) were received from Females and 43% (3 418) from Males. An amount of R5 007 464.01 has since been paid towards benefits. The distribution of payments is as follows;

  • R 664 322.20 paid for temporary total disablement and this constitutes 13% of the total amount paid.
  • R 51 477.53 paid towards permanent disability lump sum and this constitutes just above 1% of the total amount paid.
  • R 1 015 555.16 paid out in medical aid costs and constitutes 20% of the total amount paid.
  • R 18 251.00 paid out in funeral costs and constitutes just below 1% of the total amount paid.
  • R3 257 858.12 paid out in dependents benefits costs and constitutes 65% of the total amount paid.


We have the lump sum payment of the UIF as this is only allowed in the cases of claiming death benefit, for the other tiers or categories lump sum payment is not done. We have given every detail you need to know about the UIF in this article and I’m sure we have been able to answer all pending questions that you have relating to the UIF lump sum payment.


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