Does UIF Pay the Same Every Month (2023)?

The UIF is a scheme that pays relief funds to individuals that have contributed to the system. The UIF has made sure that every individual that has contributed to the system and if they are faced with any issues are available to support them. The UIF has a way it pays its contributors or those that have applied for claims. The UIF does not pay the same amount of money every month.

Does UIF Pay the Same Every Month (2023)?

Knowing how much you will receive from the UIF can be very tricky this is why you must calculate how much you are to receive from them monthly by using the calculator app for the UIF or by doing it manually. The UIF pays a stipulated amount of money monthly and this weighs down on how much you have been contributing so far via your salary.

The higher your salary the higher money you will get from the UIF. The minimum money you will get from the UIF is R3 500 monthly and this is why it said that there are only certain persons who are allowed to contribute to the UIF scheme as it is not meant for everybody. The UIF will not want to pay below the minimum wage and even those whose salary is small still have a role to play in the scheme.

Calculating the UIF payment can be done in various ways. Before qualifying to get this money you are supposed to contribute 1%of your salary monthly as this will enable you to get on the scheme.

Registrations of the UIF scheme are being done by an employer and if you are one, you will have to talk to your employees and make them understand the benefits of the UIF scheme and the roles it has to play. One of the major issues lots of people face in the UIF scheme is not paying attention or getting to understand how any of this works.

You will have to understand how to claim, how to receive the payout, how to calculate your payment and so much more. The UIF does not pay the same amount every month. The UIF pays a certain amount that you have contributed back to you and it depends on the number of credit days you have been working or the number of years you have been working as well.

The rule states that if you have been working for four years you are entitled to receive payment for 365 days and knowing the maximum amount that you have received can only be gotten through calculation or by using a UIF calculator to do this.

If you are unemployed, sick, on maternity leave or you work and eventually die the UIF is there to assist in those times of trouble and needs and they are ready to help you. The money which you are contributing to the UIF is not for waste and you must know how any of this works. Receiving payouts and getting information about the UIF can be found easily offline and online. You can visit the labour offices as they are ready to give you any information that can help you while trying to process anything related to the UIF.

How to Calculate the UIF

Calculating your UIF can be done in so many ways. There are several ways that you can calculate your UIF. Calculating your UIF can be done via a calculator and can be done manually. You can do it using the procedure below;

Total benefit amount = daily benefit amount x available credit days. Credit days are accumulated as follows: for every four days that you work as a contributor, you receive one day’s credits subject to a maximum of 365 credit days. Daily benefit amount (DBA) = 66% of income capped at R17712 per month.

You can use this calculator;

The importance of using the UIF calculator is to get an accurate figure of how much you will be receiving. The manual calculator is important as you can use it to calculate the total amount of money you will be having even if you have worked for more than four years. The electronic calculator can only calculate UIF benefits for up to four years anything exceeding four years this calculator can’t do anything for you.

Most times it is difficult to receive UIF benefits that are more than four years and this is according to the UIF rule. Claiming UIF benefit is within a stipulated time, especially once any of those incidents have happened to you, you must put out a claim immediately as this will help you in getting your money.

Claiming UIF after the stipulated time will seem difficult as the process will be very long and difficult to handle. You should bear in mind the rules of the UIF as it is important to know them so when any issue arises you will know if you have made a mistake or not. The rules of the UIF are very important as this will help you clarify any issues that you are having.

Every money your employer deducts from your salary is for the UIF and if your employer deducts the amount he/she is not supposed to then there is a refund that will be sent to you from the employer. When applying for UIF claims, you should have the supporting documents as all of this will help you to apply for the claim and help in making sure that your claim is approved and then receive your money.


We have been able to answer your question in this article and knowing if the UIF pays the same amount of money every month can be done through calculations and knowing how long you have been working or if you are even eligible to receive money for 365 days. The UIF has proven to be a very good scheme that can help anyone that is contributing during his/her time of need.




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