How do I Check My UIF Maternity Status (2024)

The UIF has lots of benefits that are available to all those using and contributing to the program. If you are using the UIF and you fall into the maternity tier you are entitled to a certain amount of benefits which solely depends on how much you have been contributing and your salary as well.

How do I Check My UIF Maternity Status

You can easily check your maternity status on the UIF platform, you should be able to log in and show what you are looking for. The uFiling platform has made it easy for you to check your status on any tier to which you belong. It is important that you have your login details which will enable you to see your status. You will have to log in to the uFiling platform and follow the process.

  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Confirm your Banking Details
  • Verify/complete your Details and update any changes
  • Enter your Occupation and Qualification
  • Confirm if you are receiving a salary from your employer whilst on Maternity leave

There are several methods by which you can check your UIF maternity status online. You just have to use the right website and follow the right procedure.

  • Login to the uFiling platform by visiting the official website
  • You will have to follow the instructions that are given on the screen
  • Enter the captcha code that is asked for on the screen
  • Proceed to enter your UIF reference number.
  • Follow the other instructions that you see on the platform and you are good to go.

Another option to check your maternity status is by using the email process. This email process can be a bit slow depending on the response time of the labour office. You can send an email to the address: In this email, you should be able to provide your reference number, UIF identification number and registration number in the fields.

One of the options some people prefer is by going to visit the labour office that is nearest to them. Visiting the labour office might require lots of things from you and this will take time because there are long queues there and you will have to fill in your name in the register before you can be called upon and attended to.

It is advised that you have your name and identification ready before going to the labour office, as this will be asked of you, and other certain details will be asked for as well. Keep those documents handy because you will need them. The labour office will run a check on your claim to know if it has been activated or not, if it has been activated you will be told when you will receive your first payment.

Another alternative way of going about this is to make calls to the labour office directly and make sure your Identification and other documents will be with you during those times. You can call this number 012 337 1997 and they have answers to all your questions that are being asked. There is also a way to contact the labour offices via province and they will get back to you easily and make sure that any issue you have is being solved.

There are several maternity issues that they have to solve as well and checking your maternity status should not come as a big deal. If you do not know how to go about any of this process yourself then you can speak to your employer who can help you out, make sure that you have been providing the allocated 1% monthly to the UIF so you can qualify for the claim as well and it is important that you know the rules of the UIF and have the documents needed for everything that you would want to do. Some documents are needed for the UIF maternity, you should be able to get those documents and take them to the labour office or if you can’t someone can do them in your place.

  • A copy of your 13-digit bar-code ID or passport.
  • Completed form UI-19 by the employer.
  • You can obtain the UIF maternity forms UI-19 online.
  • A medical certificate from your doctor certifying that you are indeed pregnant.
  • Original completed yellow form UI-2.3.
  • Completed from UI-2.7, filled by your employer.
  • Form UI-2.8 for banking details. The bank needs it to confirm your banking details and that the account is active.
  • Completed yellow follow-up form UI-4

You can claim the UIF maternity benefit if you are contributing to the UIF, you will need to put all these necessary documents together that have been listed above for all of this to work out.

  • You should be a South African national with a bar-code ID.
  • You must be an employee contributing to the Unemployment Insurance Fund monthly.
  • Foreign nationals who have a work permit and already contribute to the fund.
  • Female employees who miscarry during their 3rd trimester or deliver a stillborn kid.
  • They can claim up to four months of maternity benefits.
  • Female workers who resign whilst pregnant or during their maternity leave.

Not everyone is qualified to claim the UIF benefit and you must meet the criteria which have been listed above in this article. The maternity benefits are available to those that have been contributing to the UIF claim. One of the major issues on this UIF status is the slow response time that is affecting many persons that have tried checking by going to the labour offices or even sending via mail.


UIF claim status can be checked in various ways and we have given you that. There are various supporting documents you will need to have and we have listed them in this article. If you have any problem with the UIF it is advisable that you reach out and make sure that every issue is solved so that you will be able to receive your maternity benefit.


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