How is Maternity UIF Calculated? (2024)

The UIF maternity can be said to be one of the best benefits so far and there are so many reasons supporting that. It is important to know how to calculate your UIF maternity benefits. Knowing how much you are supposed to earn and how long you will be getting paid as this will enable you how to plan yourself.

Maternity UIF Calculator

Applying for maternity benefits should be one of the most important things on your list before giving birth. This benefit is also given to those who were in the third trimester and then had a miscarriage as this is meant to help relieve them of the stress they will be going through during those periods. Calculating your UIF can be done online as there are so many calculators that are ready to give you the figures which you are looking for.

How to check UIF Maternity Balance Online

Below is the step-by-step process on how to check your UIF maternity balance.

  • Go to
  • Log into your uFiling account
  • Click on check my balance
  • Complete the instructions as they appear
  • Enter the captcha shown on your screen
  • Enter your UIF reference number
  • You’ll be shown your UIF balance online

The UIF has different tiers of benefits which are known as the unemployment benefit, illness benefit, survivor benefit, adoption benefit and maternity benefit. These benefits that have been listed here have different ways of calculating each of them and the money which you are being paid as benefits every month cannot be the same. The UIF maternity benefit is between 38 – 58% of your salary (up to a maximum of R12478). For example: If your salary is R12478 or more, you will receive R155. 89 per day (about R4676 p.m.). You cannot receive more than this maximum amount.

Getting UIF maternity benefits fully depends on how long you have been working. If you have been contributing to the fund for a period of four years you are entitled to earn UIF maternity benefits for a period of 121 days or more which is equivalent to four (4) months. These are certain rules that is guiding the UIF maternity benefit and it is known as one of the best because of the liberty to get it multiple times.

You can apply and get maternity benefits almost every year as long as you have not filed for unemployment claim or illness claims during that period, if you have done that you won’t be allowed to receive maternity benefits. The rule of the UIF must be followed and strictly adhered to so you can receive your claim.

Calculating the UIF maternity benefits using the UIF calculator can be very easy. There are tons of UIF calculators online that can help you to achieve this, however, have in mind that they do not calculate for more than four (4) years. This is why it is advisable that you calculate this manually as that is the only way you could get accurate results and know how much you will be receiving daily or monthly in your account.

Calculating your UIF manually can do done in easy ways; Divide the total monthly salary credit by 180 days to get the average daily salary credit. This is equivalent to the daily maternity allowance. Multiply the daily maternity allowance by 60 (for normal delivery or miscarriage) or 78 days (for cesarean section delivery) to get the total amount of maternity benefit.

One of the mistakes many people make is not applying to claim their maternity benefits on time. This can be due to some reasons though but the UIF is very strict when it comes to it and you can easily lose your maternity benefits if you do not apply for a claim on time. For every six (6) months worked, you can claim one (1) month of UIF maternity benefits from the Department of Labour.

They use the last four (4) years of your employment record, to calculate the number of credit days you have.  Knowing how to apply for benefits and checking your status without even needing to go to the labour office should be learnt, every step and procedure will be given to you from here.

Qualifying for benefits on maternity leave means that you have to be receiving less than your normal wage for maternity leave. Maternity benefit is paid every four weeks and you are to apply six weeks to your maternity leave. The application comes with providing the necessary documents that the labour department has asked from you and you are waiting for like three (3) weeks which everything will be resolved.

If you do not get to receive your first payment within a month you should call or email the labour office and know what is wrong or you can check the status of your claim on the uFiling website, aside from this website there are other ways that you can check your claim as well.

Once you start receiving payment you will have the opportunity of checking your UIF balance online as this will help you to know how much you have been paid by the UIF and how much is left. Checking your UIF balance does not need many skills or calculations, some websites are available that will show you how much you have left and indicate your next payment status for you as well. The UIF pays monthly so it will be easier for you to know what you are expecting and know what you will have left based on the calculations we have been able to drop above.


Maternity UIF is calculated in so many ways and it is important you have an idea of how to carry it out. One of the major things is to follow the rules that have been set out for the UIF and be ready to drop all documents that you are supposed to have because you will be asked of them online and offline.



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