How to Check UIF Status via Phone (2024)

Technology has made things easy and checking your UIF status can be done from the comfort of your home using your phone. There are several ways of making sure that everything you do is being implemented in your phone and you can easily get something or go through a search with the help of phones.

How to Check My UIF Status

You can check your UIF status via different means, this can be done online, by phone or even by going to the labour office to make sure everything is carried out properly. There are various means of checking your UIF status which can be done in the comfort of your home. One of the easiest ways of checking your UIF status is to go to the labour website and follow the process. To go through this website you will have to log in and fill in the necessary information. Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to check your UIF status.

  • Log on to and enter your username and password.
  • Click the status on the menu bar to see a list of your details. Details you will find there are processed date and amount paid. Processed means that the system has picked up your application and if the Rand value is Zero it means that your payment has been rejected.
  • If you are an employer you can follow this process which will you give you access to download a list of employees that have been paid and the total amount they have been paid so far. As an employer, this should be one of the major details that you will need to know or have in mind because you are in charge of your employees and it is important they know their status on the platform if it is not available you can plan on the next step and know what to do.
  • Clicking Successful Payment will automatically download a letter. Sign and send the document to Attach proof that you have distributed the funds to your employees in the email.
  • If there is a declined payment then you will have to analyze the payment report and check if there are certain errors that you will need to correct. As an employer, you will need to check the reasons why there is a payment decline as there are so many possible reasons that something like this will occur. As an employer when it comes to the UIF you are in charge of making sure that your employees contribute the 1% that they are supposed to and make sure that you as well do the same which will make it 2% and this is the only way they can apply for benefits and claim it.
  • Sometimes some little errors could take place which will hinder your payment from not coming through. Errors like universal branch code and many others. It is necessary that you check out all that you have filled on the form and the website before you submit because any slight errors will be delayed and it will affect your benefit until that error has been resolved.

How to Check UIF Status via Phone

Without going online you can now check your UIF status via phone. You do not need a smartphone to undergo this procedure as it was designed to be very simple. You will just need to follow the instructions, as this will help you in knowing what to do. Checking your UIF status can be done by; calling 012 337 1680 to check your status progress or dialling the UIF status USSD code, *134*843#, and following the prompts.

UIF Status Check

Checking your UIF status has been made easy and there are different ways of doing this. The most important thing is to have your login details and know how to navigate through the website which will be very easy for you. The uFiling website offers easy steps for checking your UIF status and knowing what to do. You can check your status online, you can check by visiting the nearest labour centre that is close to you or you can check by using the shortcode. All of these methods have been designed to make your work easier and better. To check with the labour centre, these are what you are going to do. Make sure you give the clerk your Unemployment Insurance Fund’s registration number, identification, and other essential details. Make sure every detail you drop there is accurate and it is confirmed by you. The labour office will then provide you with your UIF status and your benefit details.

UIF Claim Tracking

You can track your UIF claim by following the same instructions that have been stated in this article. What you need most is to check your account by login into the platform and knowing the various things that you need. Before tracking your UIF claim you will need to apply for a claim first but you will need the various documents that will be listed below. Without these documents applying for a UIF claim will be difficult and it will not be processed.

  • UI-2.1 (application form)
  • Copy of your ID document
  • UI-19 and UI-2.7 (completed by employer)
  • UI-2.8 (bank form completed by the bank)


We have given you details on how to check your UIF status and also the documents that need to be provided. You will have to follow each procedure and know what is needed.

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