UIF 19 Form Download 2024 & Declaration Form

Getting the UIF 19 form and declaration form is one way of showing your employment status to the government and making them know about your work history. This form applies to lots of persons that are employed in the country.

UIF 19 Form Download 2024 & Declaration Form

There are so many benefits to getting this form and this is one of those forms. This form is to be filled in by your previous employer. (Note that the Labour Department will check your last four years of work history to calculate your UIF benefit amount. Make sure you have all necessary declarations from previous employers dating back four years.

What is a UI-19 Form?

The UI-19 form confirms the employment status and history and it also includes the salary and work hours worked by an employee. Some terms are attached to this which include resignation and every other and some processes are needs to be followed before you can be able to receive your payout. It is necessary to know your UIF rights and obligations as this can play a very important role in your employment status and records. You cannot claim if you have resigned, been suspended or absconded from work.

You may claim if the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) considers the resignation as constructive dismissal. To qualify for benefits, you must register as a work seeker. One piece of information you should have in mind is that the UIF benefit is not available if you have not contributed anything to it while working, the benefits are only available to you when you have contributed to it while working.

Registering for the UI-19 form, there is a process which you need to follow as this will help you to be free from mistakes and make the process easier and faster.

  • Before glistering, you will need to have the following details ready. You will need to have your ID number and your domestic worker ID number and other details. Form UI 8 D needs to be completed with the employer’s details and the UI19 D form needs to be completed with the domestic worker’s details.
  • Getting this to be filled out can be very easy as it can be faxed to you or emailed to you from the comfort of your home.
  • Dial 086 712 2000 and follow the instructions and the forms will be sent to you. If you get the UI19 form this way, you need to fax the completed forms back to 086 713 3000.
  • Take them to your nearest labour centre or you can email them or fax them with the following details: Email them to domestics@uif.gov.za OR Fax them to 012 337 1636.
  • Another way to register and get this form filled out is through the phone. You have to call the required call number and then you will have to follow the instructions as a guide, making sure you provide the employer and the employee ID number so everything can be set up on the phone.

Registering Online

Registering online to do a UI-19 form is one of the fastest and easiest ways. Through the use of the internet, everything can be ready in a few minutes. You will need to fill in the online UIF registration form, then you will be given a login name and password. All of this which includes the account that will open online will be activated after 48 hours and after this process, you can then submit your declarations online. You must follow the step-by-step process on how to register and get your account activated as this will help you a lot.

UIF Declaration Form

The UIF declaration form is very important and this is because it is used to check every company monthly and if they are meeting up to payment or contributions. The declaration is submitted by an employer monthly which will sum up the history of everything which is been needed when you want to receive payment.

This document contains information relating to UIF contributions (employer and employee) in respect of each employee, as well as their employment status and non-contribution reason, if applicable. There are certain step that needs to be followed if you want to fill in this declaration form as an employer and all the rules must be followed to ensure that it is being accepted.

  • The first step is to fill in the UI-19 form (the same form you use to register workers) with the new details for workers. The forms are available at your nearest labour centre or on the website. Ensure every detail is filled in correctly as mistakes might be difficult to correct once the form is already processed by the necessary body.
  • Commercial employers who have electronic payroll systems can use their systems instead of the form if it complies with the declaration specifications set by the UIF.
  • Employers are also allowed to fill out the form online. After filling in the form you will need to follow the next step, this ensures that the form is duly processed.
  • Employers can send the form to the UIF by – mailing it to UIF Pretoria 0052.
  • You can as well fax it to (012) 337 1636 OR e-mail it to: webmaster@uif.gov.za
  • If you are an employer of a domestic worker or webmaster@uif.gov.za
  • If you are a commercial employer. Employers with electronic payroll systems must send their information to declarations@uif.gov.za.​

UIF 19 Form Word

You can download the UIF 19 form in word format here.


Knowing about the UIF 19 Form is very important and it will help you not miss out on any important benefits. One of the major things is to make sure that all dues will be paid so that you can claim your benefit in due time and ensure declaration forms are being submitted monthly.


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