UIF Banking Details Form 2024 (Capitec, FNB & ABSA)

The UIF banking details form to pays the benefit directly into your bank account using the following banks Capitec, FNB and ABSA. When filling out the form you should be very careful as corrections are not allowed multiple times.

UIF Banking Details Form (Capitec, FNB & ABSA)

Before filling out this form or if you have done that and you want to make corrections so that you can receive your benefit. You will have to download the UI2.8 form, this will help in fixing any errors that you have occurred during the first filling. One part of this form will be filled by you while the other will be filled out by your bank which will be submitted via email to the correct address.

UIF Bank Form

The unemployment Issuance Bank form is needed when you want to receive your benefit in your bank account. Filling out this form indicates that you have given the authorization to pay benefits into that particular bank account that have been stated on the form and you will be asked to confirm every detail that you are submitting as it might be difficult to make changes.

There is a lot that can be done or be verified in the process of changing any issue that is related to your bank details and this system has been designed in such a way that it should be able to beat fraud and make sure they can keep your money safe.

UIF Banking Details

There are several banks which have been assigned that one can make payments into for the UIF. Each banking detail is important and it is specific to the kind of employer you are. There are banking details for the role of domestic employers and commercial employers of each of the banks that have been listed in this article. Employers must set up the UIF as a beneficiary. Some banks already have the UIF set up (this will be in the same way they set up clothing accounts and water and electricity accounts). If you are not sure about this, contact your bank.

Setting up the banking details for the UIF is very easy and getting the account number which you need to pay into can be easy as well. One thing you should have in mind is that if you and your employee do not pay the required money and submit a declaration statement every month the benefits that are attached to it will not be enjoyed.

If you are not able to complete payment for one month, you should be able to state the reason why when submitting your declaration form. Paying the UIF contribution implies that you cannot pay a single UIF contribution from different bank accounts, you may set up different bank accounts on uFiling and when paying you can then select a bank account for that contribution.

UIF only accept payments via debit order or internet banking credit push and you must be activated on uFiling to submit your UIF declarations and contribution payment.

When getting things in order on the uFiling platform, there are so many things that you will wish to know so that mistakes can be avoided and transactions can take place easily. There are so many questions that might be going on through your mind that have answers to already.

Before making the payments through the uFiling platform/website, you would have to confirm if every detail is correct before you proceed. Once you have received confirmation and your uFiling account is active, you will be given access to load your banking details which are under the mum employee and bank account details.

Different accounts are available for contributions, however, failure to meet up there might be penalties and interests which will be attached to your account and you will need a separate account to do any of this. This means you will have to place a call directly to the UIF as a separate bank account will be provided for you to make payments for penalties and interest.

Another transaction that can be accepted by multiple banks is future-dated and this is accepted by all the major banks except ABSA if you want more information on this, then you will have to call the bank directly to have an idea of the process they would want you to follow.

The UIF system is well protected and certain measures have been put in place to make sure that everything is well done and kept confidential on the website. All transmissions that are received are encrypted and it has to meet strict identifications standard and specifications, if it does not the form cannot be accepted.

On the website uFiling keeps your history for a minimum of five years of both returns and payments, you should know that these returns and payments only apply to those that made it via uFiling. All outstanding returns can be submitted by uFiling as well for the past five years. Remember that the act says an employer should submit monthly but once he/she is not able to do so, you may have to do multiple returns submission payments.

UIF Banking Details Capitec

Capitec is a bank that keeps things simple and fast. The details for UIF banking for Capitec bank are not available at the moment. However, you can call the customer agent on the bank website to ask for the various information that is needed.

UIF Banking Details FNB

FNB Domestic Employers Only

  • Account Number: 62052400547
  • Branch Code: 253145

FNB Commercial Employers Only

  • Account Number: 51420056941
  • Branch Code: 253145

UIF Banking Details ABSA

ABSA Domestic Employers and Commercial Employers

  • Account Number: 4055481885
  • Branch Code: 323145

NB: You are to contact the ABSA client on this number if you encounter any problems 08600 08600


The UIF banking details have been stated in this article, you will have to see that as a domestic or a commercial employer you will be paying into different accounts and it is advisable to take note of all this to avoid mistakes.


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