UIF Benefits 2024

There are so benefits of the UIF that you can claim. One advantage of the unemployment insurance fund is that once you are making your daily contribution you will be allowed to withdraw your benefits.

UIF Benefits 2024

The benefits in the UIF id equivalent to the total amount you have contributed while working. It will be calculated and added up to know how much you will be paid. Some rules are attached to this and it is necessary that you know about them before deciding to collect your unemployment benefits there are different tiers and categories of workers available.

One important factor you must consider is that if you are a low-income earner or a high-income earner the contribution and benefits will be different you will have to know more about these set of rules before you can proceed in claiming your UIF benefits 2024.

UIF Benefits

Doing the UIF there are five benefits that you can use in collecting the money which you have contributed to the system over a long period. Unemployment, Illness, Adoption, Maternity and Death which is also called survivor’s benefits in the case where the contributor is dead. The unemployment benefit ranges from 38 per cent of income for high-income earners to a ceiling of 60 per cent of income for the lowest-income earners, paid for a maximum period of 238 days.

You can see the categories of those that are allowed to collect the UIF benefits and also these persons must have been contributing to the system before such circumstances must happen to them or affected them. The benefits which are given are very important to this set of persons as during this period of their lives, there are financially handicapped and they will need all the available help.

Now getting the benefits of the UIF is not difficult as the process does not take up to 2-3 hours, the first payment will be made to your account in two to four days once the process is complete. You must claim within six months after your last day of employment. You can also make the calculations yourself to know what you will be receiving, there are so many policies to all of this but once you can follow the process and complete everything then you are good to go.

UIF Benefits on Retirement

Retirement happens when one is of age and has decided to step down from a major company he/she is working in. retirement benefits are different from the UIF benefits and this is due to the rules and the policies that have been set in the country. One of the major things to know is that the UIF which stands for the Unemployment Insurance Fund is for those unemployed or those who fall into any of the categories that have been listed here.

Retirement funds are not part of UIF benefits, if you have retired from a company that you are working with you are not eligible to receive any of the UIF benefits. There are several rules to the UIF which have been talked about here that you must put in mind even when contributing to the system. Retirement and resignation from a company do not make you eligible to get any benefits from the UIF.  If you retire you will receive benefits of retirement funds or annuity, not UIF benefits as there is a difference to any of this which has been stated here in this article.

UIF Benefit Calculator

Calculating the UIF benefit can be quite easy as there are many ways in which you can use it. You can either use the calculator or do it manually, there are so many ways you can calculate your benefit money that will be easier for you. Here is a simple way of calculating your UIF which is very accurate one of the downsides of using online calculators is that they do not calculate after 48 months any payment more than they can’t do it.

Total benefit amount = daily benefit amount x available credit days. Credit days are accumulated as follows: for every four days that you work as a contributor, you receive one day’s credits subject to a maximum of 365 credit days. Daily benefit amount (DBA) = 66% of income capped at R17712 per month. Here is a manual way of doing the calculations yourself, it can calculate your UIF benefit for the total number of years you have been making this payment.

One calculator that you can use to calculate your UIF benefit online is http://ezuif.co.za/uif-calculator/. This calculator will help you in making sure that you have accurate results for your UIF benefits before you even start the processing.

UIF Exemptions

Some persons are exempted from paying or even contributing to the UIF and this is due to the rules that have been set out in the country. If you belong to any of these categories then you are supposed to be among the unemployment insurance fund or even get any benefit at all. Take a look at this list and see if you fit into any of this.

  • Works less than 24 hours every month.
  • Independent Contractor
  • Learner in terms of the SDL Act.
  • Foreigner, leaving South Africa at the end of service.
  • Earns commission only.
  • Income from pension, superannuation or retiring allowance only.
  • Public servant (these include the president, any Member of Parliament, or people in any sphere of government service)


Knowing how to go about the UIF benefits is very important, the process and knowing how to calculate your benefit fund has been stated in this article. As a retiree you are not eligible for any of these benefits, since it is called the UIF benefits it is meant for the tiers which have been listed in this article. Those that have retired are enabled to receive their retirement funds or annuity which will be paid to them.

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