UIF Cancellation Online (2024) Form PDF

There are so many reasons why your UIF might be cancelled online, you will need to find out why it was cancelled and then fill out a necessary form. The Unemployment Insurance Fund is ready to cater as a relief during the time of unemployment, adoption, illness or even death of a contributor.

UIF Cancellation Online (2024) Form PDF

There is a lot to know about the UIF cancellation form online and how you can get it by PDF. There are so many reasons why your UIF can be cancelled and you will need to have the right information on how to fix that as well. The UIF cancellation form can be gotten easily. There are so many things that you might be asked while doing this and there is so much to know if you would want to carry out this process. Before doing this having the right information matters a lot.

UIF Cancellation Form PDF

The UIF cancellation form is available in PDF and you can see it and fill it out here for submission to the necessary personnel.

The UIF which stands for Unemployment Insurance Fund is very beneficial to different categories of people, though some people shy away from it there are advantages of contributing that you would not even know about as the money can serve as a means of relief later to you in the future.

As an employer you should make sure you register your workers on this UIF either as a domestic or commercial employer and contributing to this should be a top priority in your company. The benefits of this UIF are not just for your workers alone but for you as an employer if you fall in any of the categories that have been mentioned above.

There are exemptions to this UIF benefits that you will need to read up and know about so you won’t register for the wrong reasons and there are other sets of persons that do not need to register for the UIF. Any person working for 24 hours or more per month for an employer, irrespective of how much he/ she earns, should contribute to the Fund, domestic workers and their employers are also required to contribute to the Fund.

UIF Cancellation Online

Cancellation of your UIF is very easy but you will need to provide the necessary information and certain questions will be asked of you before you can be able to do this. You will also need to call the right numbers to make sure that everything is done easily. It is very possible to do this cancellation online without you going to the office, the first thing you need to have in mind is to provide all the information and documents that are needed, once that is filled you will need to submit it and make sure you call the UIF department and finalize everything at once.

UIF Cancelled by Paymaster

Being cancelled by paymaster can be heartbreaking and terrible at times, but have you taken out time to think and know the reasons why something like this must have happened? It is important you do this so you will not make the same mistakes again as there is so much you will learn while doing so.

UIF cancelled by the paymaster means that you will not receive UIF payment for that current month until a future date is given. Several reasons will make your UIF claim to be cancelled and you can also check your UIF status through various means as this will help you know if you are receiving payment or not.

One of the reasons why your UIF can be cancelled by the paymaster is due to the fact of outstanding documents which you need to provide or information that you have not provided on the platform. Once your UIF claim is cancelled by the paymaster due to the outstanding document, a letter will be sent to you and will be given detailed information on how to get the information or documents that are needed.

Once a UIF claim is cancelled on paymaster, you will need to wait for your UIF claim to be authorized by assessors before you can submit a continuation of the benefits application. All of this process will take some time and your patience will be needed at this moment because there are thousands of requests that they will be attending to as well.

This is why it is important to have information about the UIF claim, and have all documents and information ready that are needed to apply before you even decide to start the application process. If possible read more materials on how to go about it as this will be beneficial to you in the long run.

UIF Cancellation Form

Before proceeding to use the UIF cancellation form you will need to call the necessary numbers to help you with all the information that is needed so that you will know what to do. If you have been able to get the information that is needed then you can proceed in filling out the forms and then call the UIF at 012 337 1680 and ask them if they have received your forms and de-registered your workers, some questions will be asked from you though so make sure you get all the necessary information correctly.

Another way to get this cancellation done and make sure it is done correctly is to go to the nearest labour centre to find out if they have received your form or not, and if possible they will be able to provide other necessary information that is needed.


If you are the one filling for UIF cancellation then there is nothing to be worried about, but if you are being cancelled by paymasters then there is so much that you need to know that will be of help to you in so many ways. We have provided all the details that are needed in this article and we hope that you find them useful.

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