UIF Claim Approved SMS (2024)

The UIF scheme is meant for those who are unemployed, sick, on maternity leave or dying. Before qualifying for the UIF claim, you will need to get into the system and contribute your monthly payment as this will serve as a contribution and will make you qualify anytime you have any of the related issues that have been stated here. The

UIF Claim Approved SMS

The UIF has proven itself to become a lifeline and emergency support that various individuals are tapping through to stay alive.The UIF became so popular during the COVID-19 period and those who have been contributing to the scheme were able to benefit from it as lots of businesses during that period went down.

The UIF has stated that it has made some changes in its payment system and a slight increase in the contribution so that those who are involved can have the opportunity of receiving bigger payments. UIF has been structured to help lots of individuals and anyone that is contributing to the scheme will be able to benefit once the need arises.

There are several ways that the UIF will notify you of your claim being approved and one of those ways is via SMS. When registering for the UIF your phone number and other details will be asked of you, all of this information are what the UIF uses in knowing every detail about you, where you work and every other thing that is needed for you to know.

Every detail and information that you are asked to submit on the UIF platform has to be correct as details like this are asked in case of payment or if you want to file any claim. If your claim has been approved the UIF can send you an approved SMS that will notify you and what you should do next. Aside from this, there are other ways that you can check with the UIF and they will be able to assist you in knowing if your claim has been approved or not.

One of the easiest ways to know if your UIF claim has been approved or not is through the use of the uFiling platform. Using this platform you will have to log in with an email and password, or sometimes with your ID number as this can be used to track every detail and is easier for you to open. You will have to;

  • Login at https://ufiling.labour.gov.za/uif/
  • Click on check my status
  • Complete the instructions as they appear on the screen and you are good to go.
  • Input your reference number which will be given to you by the UIF during registration
  • Then you will be able to see if your claim has been approved or not.

Another option to get the UIF claim approved message is by sending an email to the labour department. The labour department is in charge of the UIF and they have made it possible that many persons are benefitting from this due for so many reasons. You can send an email to the labour department to check if your claim has been approved by; email to Online.BCP@labour.gov.za

UIF Claim Approved SMS Messages

You can receive an SMS if your UIF claim has been approved or SMS and this will determine if you will need to call the labour government or not. If your UIF claim has been rejected you will need to send the labour government an email or you will need to call them to let them know what is happening and how they can help you fix this.

There are many reasons that your UIF claim has been rejected and the labour government will not tell you that through an SMS you will have to call them to make them explain to you better what is needed for you to do so you can receive your claim.

Many issues of not receiving claims from the UIF can be blamed on inaccurate documents or your details are not tallied or whatever you are saying that is affecting you might not be true. Especially those that claim illness benefits and fail to bring the doctor’s report. You can choose the offline option of going to check if your claim has been approved or not.

This can be done by visiting the labour office and telling them what you want to do, you might be asked to fill out a form and some questions will be asked, make sure you carry your ID and your reference number along as this will be used to verify you on their scheme. If your claim is approved the UIF will let you know and if it’s not, they will give you reasons why.

Payment of your UIF claim takes up to eight (8) weeks and this depends on what you are applying for. Before applying for any of the claims, you must read up to know what you need, the documents that are needed for the UIF to approve the claim and every other thing that is available.

The UIF has made it possible that this scheme can be enjoyed by many but only if you have been contributing the recommend 1% that you were asked to monthly and your employer will have to do so as well. This payment can be deducted from your salary. Earning from the UIF depends on how much you have contributed or how long you have been contributing and this will give you the insight to know how much you will receive.


There are so many benefits of the UIF and you must be contributing towards this scheme. Once your UIF claim has been approved an SMS notification will be sent to you and this will help you proceed to know when you will be receiving your payout. In this article we have given every detail that is needed to know about the UIF and their approved claims via SMS, we hope you find it useful.

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