UIF Claim Forms Online Application (2024)

Claiming your UIF should be a priority when an issue takes place as this can be due to unemployment, maternity leave, sickness, death and many more. Claiming these benefits is very important as this can stand as a relief to the affected person or even the family.

UIF Claim Forms Online Application 2023

To get the necessary benefits that an employee needs, it is advisable that you get the claim application form fill it and collect the necessary benefits that are needed. There are several forms that you will need to submit, some of them might be for your employer others will be for you. All of this is to ensure a seamless process in making sure that there is transparency in the system and everyone who applies for benefits can claim theirs.

As an employee, you can apply online for the benefits and there are different tiers which are available and they include; unemployment benefits, maternity benefits, reduced time benefits, illness benefits, and adoption benefits. You should know the category that you fit into before you start the application process.

How to Claim UIF Online

The following steps will give you a guide on how to claim the UIF benefits online.

  • You are to log in on labour.gov.za
  • Click on the tier or category to which you belong and begin the application process. Each application or claim process is different from the others. Make sure everything is accurate and there are so mistakes while doing the procedure.
  • You are to select which type of benefit you are applying for and click apply. This will open a new portal that will ask you to agree to the terms and conditions that have been stated for that particular benefit.
  • The next step is to verify your bank continue, if they are correct you will click next but if they are incorrect you are to click on banking details incorrectly and this will take you to another portal and you will have to download another form which is known as the U12.8 form from the department of labour website and this will help you in making changes to your banking details. Here is the website http://www.labour.gov.za
  • One portion of the form must be completed by you, while the other part will be filled in by your bank once everything is ready you will have to email the completed form and your contact details to VOsupport@labour.gov.za
  • The next step is to confirm and update your details on the filing website, you are to include your physical address and postal address and click on next.
  • Complete the information that is related to your occupation and click on next to proceed. Then you are to update your work seeker information and click on submit.
  • Once you make sure everything is correct you are to send in your application to the UIF and a confirmation message will be sent to you which will let you know if everything is successful or not.
  • The process for applying for any of these UIF benefits is easy and direct, you just have to follow the guide that will put you through. Credible information is needed and it is necessary. There is a lot of information that might be required for you to fill in and you will need to have, it ready before you start the process.

UIF Claim Forms Download

There is no need to download the UIF claim form, you can easily fill it out online and submit it. The form that is necessary for you to download is the U12.8 form which is for the correction of bank details. As this form will have to be thoroughly filled by you and the bank and you have to make sure that you do not encounter any mistakes this will help the application to be successful.

How do I Claim UIF Online Application Form

Claiming the UIF online is very easy once you log in to the website. Your ID number is used in recognizing you and knowing your employment status and every detail which you have. In the case of maternity benefits, there is a slight difference to it but it is the same process.

A full record of your application history is available on the uFiling website, you can click on benefit application and payments on the left-hand side to view the application history as this is a means of seeing your ID number, status and every other information that is necessary to the public.

One of the importance of this website is that you can lodge a notice of appeal if your application for benefits has been declined, you are to click on benefits of application benefits on the left-hand side and select notice of appeal and click on next. You are to verify and update any personal details that are needed of you, then you still have to complete the required information that led to the decline of the application, then click on submit to lodge your notice of appeal.

Another benefit of using the Ufiling website is the ability to register a new employer. You can register as a domestic employer, a commercial employer or a labour practitioner with the UIF. Each section has the tier of an employer which is needed as there are different tiers available. There are so many benefits of using the UIF system and it is very beneficial to everyone.

Paying contributions online, and viewing all previous declarations and declarations made online can easily be seen by the employer and you can receive notifications about future declarations. You also have the option of managing employees and historical declarations on your dashboard. All of these are the added benefits of using the uFiling website as it makes everything easier and faster.


Claiming your UIF is very important and going all about this process has been discussed in this article. The process is very easy, all you need to do is have the needed details and you can log in with ease.

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