UIF Death Benefits (2024) how is it calculated?

The UIF death benefit can be calculated in so many ways. The difference in calculating all the tiers of benefit is not much as you can use an online calculator to be able to know the difference. The UIF death benefits have several documents that are used in applying for the claim and there are rules you will need to know about the benefits that are needed.

UIF Death Benefits

UIF death benefits can be claimed by the dependent of a contributor in the UIF system. The husband, wife, guardian or minor child of the deceased worker which is under the age of 21 years can claim the death benefits of a worker that has been contributing to the UIF system. The UIF death benefits should be applied for in a period of 18 months before the death of the contributor, failure to do this might become difficult later on.

Before applying to claim the UIF death benefit it is important you know all the documents that are needed to begin this process. Lots of questions will be asked by the UIF and lots of verification processes will be done and all of this is to prove that you a dependent on the contributor.

Many persons find it hard or even unable to claim the dependent benefit as they fail to provide the necessary document that will aid this process. Some of the documents which are needed are; for the spouse, you will need to present a marriage certificate, you will need a lobola letter or an affidavit proving your relationship, for children: In the case of a guardian, proof of guardianship, a letter confirming that the minor is still in school, and a birth certificate.

For dependents between 21 and 25 years old, you are required to present proof of schooling. Other documents that will be required from you are; a 13-digit barcoded/smart card ID, passport, or asylum seeker permit of the applying dependent and death certificate (issued by the Department of Home Affairs) of the deceased contributor, a service certificate proof from employer, your banking details and the employer details on form U19. The money you will be receiving will be a result of how much he/she earns and contributes when they were working.

How are UIF Death Benefits Calculated?

Calculating the UIF death benefits is not difficult. It is the same process as any other. Employees who work for more than 24 hours per month are required to contribute 1% of their monthly remuneration to the UIF. The employer must also contribute 1% of the employee’s monthly remuneration.

If a deceased contributor dies, this money can be accessed by dependents of the contributor. You will have to calculate the death benefit like this; Total benefit amount = daily benefit amount x available credit days. Credit days are accumulated as follows: for every four days that you work as a contributor, you receive one day’s credits subject to a maximum of 365 credit days. Daily benefit amount (DBA) = 66% of income capped at R17712 per month.

You can also calculate the death benefits using an online calculator. This will give you an accurate amount also if you do not want to pass through the stress of doing it manually.

UIF Death Benefits Contact Number

If you would want to apply for a death benefits claim. Then you can reach those in charge of this category with their contact number so they can better explain it to you. What is needed and everything that you need to know. You can have the UIF number here; UIF Call Centre on 0800 843 843. You can reach out to them and ask for every detail which is needed and they can point you in the right direction.

Who can claim UIF for a Deceased Person?

Claiming UIF for a deceased is not very easy as the process can be tedious and take a long period. It is important that you have an idea of how the UIF works before you decide to start the process of applying to claim the death benefits. As long as you a dependent of the deceased you are entitled to claim the death benefits.

Dependents can be spouses, partners or even children below the age of 21. Some factors will make the UIF consider those above the age of 21 years to 25 years of age especially those in schools which must provide proof of studentship before anything can be handed over to them. All of these groups of people that have been mentioned in this list must provide proof of how they are related to the contributor before he died before any benefits can be granted to them.

How long does it take for Death Benefits to be paid in South Africa?

Death benefits take about four weeks to start claiming. If everything is in order latest you should start receiving money in eight weeks. One of the major problems many faces while trying to claim death benefits is not getting the documents right which could delay the payment process or some documents are not verifiable.

You need to check with the department of labour to know what the problem is really so that you can fix it on time and start receiving the benefits.  Trying to claim death benefit is not very easy, unlike the other category, as you will need to prove that you are related to the contributor that just passed away. This Is why most times it takes a longer period as the UIF is trying to avoid cases of fraud or even paying to the wrong person who is not supposed to be dependent and might be from the same family as well. This is why long processes are needed to be taken in the verification of dependents and everything that is needed.


The UIF death benefits are not easy to claim but if you can go through all the verification and documentation processes then you are good to go.


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