UIF Deductions (2024) Calculator & Percentage

UIF deductions, calculations and percentages are one of the important skills that every beneficiary is supposed to have. This information is very important as it will help in keeping you updated with the UIF limits, how to calculate and how much % of your salary you will be receiving monthly from the program.

UIF Deductions

UIF deductions can come in various forms and all of this can be gotten through calculations. There are a few reasons why you would be getting a major deduction by the UIF and all of this might come as a result of your salary. Your salary greatly depends on how much you will be earning from the UIF monthly when you apply for a claim.

There are so many reasons why your salary is the main factor. The UIF allows those with higher wages and lower wages to contribute the same amount of money but it is not possible that you to all earn the same way. There is a way that your earnings are being calculated and there are other factors that are in support of this as well.

The UIF has published the set of persons that are allowed to earn from their system making it known to all the categories that you belong. If you are in that category then you have no business with the UIF or even trying to get a claim/benefit. The UIF has many policies and set out rules and regulations that once you follow it will be easier for you to claim your benefits or your earnings.

The deductions you see from the UIF might be a result of the latest increase in the contributions that are going on which have been placed by the government and the rules also states that those who are earning higher will only be able to earn a portion of their salary monthly.

UIF Calculator

The UIF calculator can be used in making sure that payments are being made and being calculated. The calculator can be found online and can be done manually as there are different ways of calculating how much you will be paying to the UIF monthly and how much you will receive once you apply for claims

Applying for benefits on the UIF platform has been made easy, you just need to have the supporting documents and then you are good to go. You must know how to calculate your benefits, both using the calculator or using the simple formula which will be shared below. You should have in mind that the calculator only calculates 4 years below and aside from that it cannot do much for you there are several UIF calculators that you can use.

You can use this formula in calculating your UIF benefit. Total benefit amount = daily benefit amount x available credit days. Credit days are accumulated as follows: for every four days that you work as a contributor, you receive one day’s credits subject to a maximum of 365 credit days. Daily benefit amount (DBA) = 66% of income capped at R17712 per month.

A simpler way to calculate your UIF contribution on salary is this; if you have a salary of R5, 000 and your daily remuneration is R164.38 and let’s assume that you have been making the payment for 200 days while working. You will have to divide the number of days you have been employed by 5 which is now 200/5=40. Take the 33 and multiply it by your daily remuneration, which is R164.38. You will get R7, 232.72 as your claim.

One of the calculators that you can use to calculate your UIF benefit online is http://ezuif.co.za/uif-calculator. This calculator gives accurate result but only calculates for a particular amount of time which have been talked about above.

Calculating your UIF should not be very difficult. Once you are contributing, you do not have any issues with the UIF. If you can’t carry out the calculation yourself you could speak to your employer about it as he/she can put you through how to do it.

As long as you are contributing to the UIF you are entitled to the benefits that have been stated there. Your employer is supposed to pay the 1% on your behalf and he will pay him as well this will make it 2%. If you are a domestic worker or a commercial worker you are entitled to the benefits of the UIF but in achieving this you must contribute the required monthly money from your salary.

UIF Percentage

The UIF payout system makes payment in the percentage of your salary. The highest amount that can be paid is 58% of what you earn daily, and the high percentage applies to lower-paid workers. If you made R164.38 every day, and you qualify to get 58% of this amount, you will receive R164.38 * 58/100 = R95.34 daily. The rule is that if you have been contributing for more than four years, you are entitled to 365 days’ worth of benefits.

The UIF percentage can be gotten easily by using the calculator method which has been stated up there. You can easily calculate your earnings and how much % you will be receiving monthly. Having an idea or knowing the % of your benefits or claims you will be earning is very easy. Not everyone is allowed to earn from the UIF and there are exceptions to that.


You must know how to calculate your earnings in the UIF. You can use a calculator or use the formula that has been stated above to be able to make calculations. Once you know how much you can earn from your claim monthly, then you are good to go. The UIF percentage, the UIF deductions and the UIF calculator have been talked about in this article, we have given you full information about everything that is needed to know about the UIF. Make sure you follow step-by-step explanations to be able to understand what it all entails.

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