UIF e filing ufiling.labour.gov.za (2024)

The UIF filing portal is open to all those that would love to register on the UIF platform. This platform is ready for all those that are interested in registering, checking their status and carrying out any other activity that is related to the UIF.

UIF Portal

This portal was designed and created solely for the aim of completing registration, uploading declarations and paying monthly contributions to the UIF. There are so many things that you can do with the uFiling platform. It allows employees to apply for UIF benefits online, kiosks are available at the labour centre for users with no internet access to apply for benefits, uFiling is a secure and easy-to-use system, allowing employers to update individual employee salary details.

It enables a streamlined UIF declaration returns process and automatically calculates the UIF contributions associated with your monthly return, uFiling integrates securely with the UIF systems when issued declarations are submitted and contribution payments are made. uFiling enables employers 24/7 access to UIF declaration information from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection.

With regular updates and automated e-mail notifications from uFiling, you are now able to use uFiling to assist in ensuring that you as an employer will remain compliant with the latest UIF legislative requirements. Hence, eliminating the stress and hassles that compliance usually brings about. uFiling conveniently brings all these secure services to you as an employer via the Internet.

UIF e filing

The UIF e-filing platform allows you to do everything that is needed by the UIF. You should understand that the UIF e-filing platform is capable of handling all things related to the UIF and providing you with all the basic information that is needed. You can register on these platforms and below is a guideline that can help you through it.

  • Getting your ID information ready is very important and your address as well. All of this will prove your employment status and where you stay as it will help in able to identify you and know where you work. The details that are being asked by all of this platform are kept securely and it is in no way shared with any third party that can use any of your information.
  • You are to complete the online registration form. You should know that there are two employer registration forms, one is for employers of domestic workers while the other is for commercial employers. These application forms are divided into different parts, one is the UI-8 and UI-19, UI-8D and UI-19 application forms respectively. You are to get the UI-8 and the UI-19 form for the registration of business employers or the UI-8D and UI-19 for domestic employers.
  • Filling out the application form should not take time as you can even fill it out and submit it via email and you will get the necessary response needed. Employers should complete the filling of the forms for both themselves and their workers. During the registration you will be asked for an employer reference number, as an employer if you do not have a reference number or if your workers do not have one, you do not have to worry as one will be generated and sent to you, so it is advisable you leave that part open for the main time till you are given one. Scroll down to the bottom of the form you will be asked for a signature you will also need to ignore that part.
  • After completing the filling of the application form and putting in all the necessary details, you are to email back the form. There are two ways in which this is possible if you are a domestic employer you will have to email the form to the UIF at webmasters@uif.gov.za while for those who are business employers you will have to email the form same email as well.

Www labour gov za UIF

The Labour government website can also be used to register and get the UIF claim. It is important to have an idea of all of this before proceeding as there are different ways that you can apply for the UIF. You must know if you are a domestic worker or a commercial worker. The procedures and steps for registration have been stated above. You can use that procedure for online registration on the website. However, it is required that you have all the forms and documents complete before you proceed.

Www labour gov za UIF claim

Applying for a UIF claim on the website should not be a difficult job. It is necessary for you to have an idea of what you are applying for. The UIF platform has been designed to make things simple and easy for everybody to use, even if you are not too conversant with the registration or application of claims, there are kiosks around the labour centre offices that help in doing applications like this and they are ready to assist you through.

Www labour gov za login

The labour gov za you can use to log in and check the status of your claims. You should have your login details ready which comprise your email and password, once a UIF account has been created for you, your employer will let you know and give you the login details that are needed so you can access the website easily. There are lots of activities that can be done like payments, uploading payslips and others.


We have given every information that is needed to know about the filing platform. there is so much that you can do on the websites and you have the opportunity of using them to your full advantage. It is important you know how to register, log in, apply for claims and do other things as well. You do not need the help of anyone to be able to do any of this, as the website has been able to make every process easy.



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