UIF Maternity Online Calculator, Forms & Contact Details (2024)

The Maternity benefits for the UIF can be applied by women who would want to take maternity leave for some time. You can easily check the UIF maternity status, calculate the maternity benefits and check out the forms that you can use in applying for this and also information on also contact the UIF in case of any issues you might be facing.

UIF Maternity

As an employed female contributor to the UIF scheme, you can apply for maternity benefits when you go on maternity leave. Applying for maternity benefits is not difficult though it is advised that you do this on time before going on leave so that you can receive your benefit easily. To qualify for the maternity benefits you must be receiving less than your normal wages when you are on maternity. Applying for the UIF maternity benefits is quite easy as you can do it online or even send someone to go to the labour office and pick up the forms that are needed. You will need a doctor’s report as well which will be attached to those forms for clarity’s sake. Your banking details and other details which you will be asked to provide will be stated in the forms, all of this is done to ensure that you are the one making this application and is important as the UIF is fighting off fraud cases from the system.

The maternity benefits for the UIF have been known to be one of the best. Several advantages are tied to it and you must know how to go through all these processes. One of the major advantages of maternity benefits is that you can get this benefit continually over the years-long as during that period you did not apply for unemployment benefits or illness benefits as this will show on your records as well. You will be asked to show pregnancy test proof from your doctors or the hospitals and there might be other questions that will be asked of you, this is why it is better that you carry out this procedure yourself as you will know what to do.

UIF Maternity Online

You can apply for your UIF maternity benefits once you have the forms. You can easily do this from the comfort of your home and submit to the labour departments via different means which is convenient to you. Some documents are needed from you before you even begin this process and you will need to begin as soon as possible so you can receive your benefits easily in no time. By law, you are not allowed to return to work within six weeks of having your baby and then you can receive maternity benefits for up to 121 days which is equivalent to four months from the UIF. All of this depends on how long you have been working before submitting the application claim and making sure that all documents are confirmed.

The department of labour uses the last four years that you have worked to calculate how many credit days you have available. The rules state that for every six months you have worked you are entitled to receive one month of benefit up to a maximum of four months. Applications for the UIF benefit can only be submitted once the full monthly remuneration or salary is no longer received. Once you still receive your salary your application will be rejected.  When applying for the UIF benefits proof is needed. It takes about 3-6 weeks from the date the application was submitted for the application to be approved. Once the application has been approved, proof that you are still on maternity leave needs to be provided and it will need to be submitted every month.

Applying for the UIF benefits fund you will need the following documents;

  • A copy of your 13-digit bar-code ID or passport.
  • Completed form UI-19 by the employer.
  • You can obtain the UIF maternity forms UI-19 online.
  • A medical certificate from your doctor certifying that you are indeed pregnant.
  • Original completed yellow form UI-2.3.
  • Completed from UI-2.7, filled by your employer.
  • Form UI-2.8 for banking details. The bank needs it to confirm your banking details and that the account is active.
  • Completed yellow follow-up form UI-4

UIF Maternity Calculator

You can easily calculate your UIF maternity benefits using the calculator. Several calculators are available and meant for calculating the UIF benefits and this is known to be accurate as it will give you the full amount that you will be paid monthly.  http://ezuif.co.za/uif-calculator/: This calculator only calculates your UIF benefits that are up to 48 months or below. Anything more than that it does not accept it.

Maternity UIF Forms 2024 Pdf

You can download the UIF maternity forms here. These forms can be filled out and then faxed to the department of labour to begin your processing. You can fill out the form and email it to the department of labour and get started on applying for your claims.

UIF Maternity Contact Details

You can reach out to the UIF maternity if you have any issues and they will help you resolve them in no time. One of the best things about the UIF is that it is possible to get across to them easily and you will get an answer to any pending issues that you are trying to solve. The UIF number to call is 0800 843 843 (0800) or 0800 030 007.

UIF Maternity Forms Download

The UIF maternity forms can be downloaded online easily and filled online and emailed to the right department to start your processing.


You can apply for the UIF maternity benefits and get your claims easily. You must know how to carry out all of this process as this will help you in making things easier. It is important you know the rules of the UIF as this will help you to know what you are applying for and the various requirements that are needed.


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