UIF Payment Queries 2024

There are several ways that you can contact the UIF and make queries concerning payments. The UIF scheme has been designed to help lots of people in their times of need and they have been able to design a system that caters for needs and still finds the time to answer questions or solve issues relating to payments.

UIF Payments Queries

1. How do I query the UIF? You can query the UIF by contacting them on their hotline or email address. Tel: +27 (0)12 337 1700 (Switchboard) +27 (0)12 337 1680 (Call Centre) 0800 843 843/0800 UIF UIF (Call Centre) Fax: 086 713 3000 OR you can visit their offices at the province closer to you.

2. Does UIF have a WhatsApp number? YES, the UIF has a WhatsApp number that can help you with assistance. Here is the WhatsApp number 0673804853

3. What is the email address for the UIF queries? the email address for the UIF queries is different as each province can easily reach out to the officer over there. but here is the official email address for the UIF queries. uifcomplaints@alteram.co.za ​OR Ufiling@alteram.co.za (Ufiling enquiries ) OR uifcallcentre@alteram.co.za​ (Normal enquiries) .

4. How do I follow up on my UIF payment? there are several ways in following up on your UIF payment. one of the most effective ways is by login on to the uFiling website and checking your payment status, inputting your details correctly and you are good to go. another method is by going to the UIF office closer to you and asking for your payment status when you are there the UIF official will give you information on when you will be receiving your payments and if there are any issues regarding payments they will have to let you know.

5. How long does the UIF payout takes? UIF can be claimed after 12 months and this fully depends on how long you have been contributing to the UIF scheme. If you have been contributing to the UIF for four years you are entitled to benefits for 12 months and if you have been contributing to the UIF for six months you are entitled to receive benefits for four (4) months.

6. How do I register as an employer? As an employer, it is advisable that you register on the UIF scheme and this is a way of registering your workers. you can register as an employer and you will be given a reference number which you will use in registering your employee.

7. What can I do if my claim is taking too long? If your claim is taking too long you should call the labour centre and ask reasons why and they will be ready to assist you. you should have your ID number ready as this will help them to identify you on the UIF scheme.

8. What can I do if I feel my application has been unfairly rejected? You can easily appeal a decision or claims officer by sending the UI-12 form to your nearest labour centre. The form must be completed and you must add any supporting documents that are needed to apply for your claim.

9. What happens if I get a job while I am still receiving your UIF benefits? As soon as your new employer fills in a UI-19 form and you are registered on the system you will stop receiving UIF benefits.

10. Who is excluded from contributing to the fund? Employees working less than 24 hours a month for an employer; President; Ministers, MECs, MPs, MPLs, Mayors, Cllrs; and workers who only earn a commission.

UIF payment queries are one of those that come often as there are lots of clarifications to be done when trying to get payment from the UIF. Once you apply for a claim and it has been approved you should know that questions will begin to arise and you would want to speak to UIF officials that are in charge of doing any of this. The UIF was designed to cater for the needs of the individuals that have been contributing for some time and once you fall into any of the categories that have been listed there then you are good to go. Applying for payments on the UIF platform can be nice, once you have the supporting documents and make sure that everything is ready and verified before you can even receive your payment. You can make some UIF payment queries by checking the UIF website or even making some calls, sending some emails and many more. Below is a list of numbers that you can call or even send an email to for UIF payment queries and you will be attended to once you can answer a few questions.

UIF Email and fax to email numbers; you can send an email or fax any of the email numbers here. You can see that it is arranged based on provinces and you should do this via the province that you are located in.

  • BCP@labour.gov.za; 0864397295
  • BCP@labour.gov.za; 0864397296
  • BCP@labour.gov.za; 0864397299
  • BCP@labour.gov.za; 0864397300
  • BCP@labour.gov.za; 0864397301
  • BCP@labour.gov.za; 0864397302
  • BCP@labour.gov.za; 0864397303
  • BCP@labour.gov.za; 0864397304
  • BCP@labour.gov.za; 0864397305
  • BCP@labour.gov.za; 0864397306
  • BCP@labour.gov.za; 0864397297
  • BCP@labour.gov.za; 0864397298
  • BCP@labour.gov.za; 0864397309
  • BCP@labour.gov.za; 0864397294
  • BCP@labour.gov.za; 0864397290

Dedicated TERS Hotline: 0800 030 007 and 012 337 1997

UIF Call Centre: 0800 UIF (0800 843 843)

UIF Provincial Rapid Response teams (for businesses with 50 employees or fewer)

  • Eastern Cape – Manager: Philiswa Madikazi; Tel: 043 701 3342
  • Free State – Manager: Morgan Ramatsetse; Tel: 051 505 6362 / 6200
  • Gauteng – Manager: Dingaan Basimane; Tel: 011 853 0303
  • KwaZulu-Natal – Manager: Gugu Khomo; Tel: 031 366 2012
  • Limpopo – Manager: Ronet Landman 015; Tel: 290 1703
  • Mpumalanga – Manager: Evelyn Mokoena; Tel: 013 655 8742
  • Northern Cape – Manager: Adv Bulelani Gwabeni; Tel: 053 838 1554
  • North West – Manager: Selete Qhamakhoane; Tel: 018 387 8178
  • Western Cape – Manager: Tony Lamati; Tel: 021 441 8054

UIF Enquiries

UIF enquires can be done in different ways and this can be as a result of several questions that you would love to ask. There are lots of options or ways that you can place a contact to the UIF for enquiries and you will get a response in no time. You must know how to carry out this task so you will avoid calling out the long run or making out certain mistakes and try to make sure that things are being done very well as quickly as possible. The UIF enquiries department has been tasked with the job of making sure that everyone who has contributed to the scheme and is awaiting withdrawal and if they have pending questions they must find a way to answer any of these and make sure that the clients are satisfied and clarified on any of the issues that they might be facing regarding payments.

When using the UIF there are so many questions that come to your mind and it might be difficult reaching out to the right source for adequate answers or information. This is why it is better to call the UIF directly and let them know everything that you are trying to do and every question which you would love to be answered can be done for you in o time. We have provided the UIF direct contact below for UIF enquiries, they will be able to give answer all your questions and make sure you know what you are doing. Many times they assist you in your UIF and make sure that any pending issues you have can be resolved in no time.

Telephone Numbers 012 337 1997 (Switchboard), 0800 030 007 (Call Centre)

Fax Number(s):           0866492012

Street Address:            UIF Building 230 Lillian Ngoyi Street, Absa Towers, Pretoria Central

Postal Address:            The UIF, Pretoria, 0052

Email Address:            uifcomplaints@alteram.co.za or Ufiling@alteram.co.za (Ufiling enquiries) oruifcallcentre@alteram.co.za ​(Normal enquiries) ​

UIF Payment Enquiries

There are so many payments enquires that the UIF encounter daily. There are thousands of requests from persons that have been finding one or two things difficult simultaneously, which might be for so many reasons. Knowing how to contact the UIF once such issues arise should be your first thing to do especially when you have tried looking for ways online to resolve the issue and nothing is working, then your only hope is to ask the UIF and find a way to place a call to their hotlines. Over the years, the UIF has been able to improve its services; in all of this, it is meant to answer enquiries faster and better. They have provided several means to reach out to them and have made it possible for them to be accessible. If you are not comfortable with the information that you are receiving from the UIF via calls it is important that you know how to reach them in their various offices while you are there you are allowed to ask every question and make sure you clarify issues that are bothering you.


We have given you every information that you need to know in this article. You can easily place calls to any of the numbers that have been stated in this article and they are ready to answer your questions in no time.

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