UIF Payout Process (2024) how to Check UIF Payout

The UIF payout process has been termed to be an easy one long as you have the necessary details then you are good to go. Before getting your claim form from the UIF some documents will be needed from you to submit and this will enable the department of labour to process your request.

UIF Payout Process

There are certain ways of claiming the UIF payout process and each tier has different documents that will be requested. You must know that not every claim is being processed by the UIF and there are so many reasons for this.

You must have heard lots of persons complaining about the UIF claims and their payout process, saying it has taken them up to a year before they have received any payout or some do not receive at all, things like this happens because they do not follow the right procedure in doing this which can lead to lots of things. Each tier of benefit has several ways in which one can claim them and this is because supporting documents are not the same. To claim unemployment benefits you need to have;

  • A copy of a 13-digit bar-coded identity document.
  • A copy of your last six payslips.
  • Information supplied by your employer (UI-19).
  • A service certificate from the employer.
  • Proof of registration as a work seeker.
  • A fully completed registration form.

How to Check UIF Payout

There are several ways to check UIF payout, which generally falls on the process you would want to use. You can use the online process by;

Another way of checking your UIF payout is by visiting the labour government office nearest to you and you will be asked a few questions then you will know the status of your payout.

Claiming unemployment benefits, you might be asked to provide some documents and confirm that you are the one authorizing this claim. You can do this online or you can visit the nearest labour office where you will be given some documents to sign and then you will be put through how to begin the process.

Going to the labour office for the UIF payout process, there you will be asked to sign the unemployment register. You will be told when you need to come back and sign the register again. You will have to sign every four weeks to show that you still need to claim the UIF benefits, you must go back to the office on the correct date and sign the register and if you are ill you will be needing a doctor’s report that will show proof of illness. Each time you sign the register for unemployment benefits you will be given a white card which will signify that you are applying for unemployment benefits or in the UIF payout process.

In eight (8) weeks you should be able to receive your money and if you do not you should place a call to the labour centre asking them why you have not received your money, some questions will be asked of you and make sure that you have your ID number and name ready. Once all of this is done and you start receiving payment, a slip will be given to you which will signify how much you have received and how much you can still get. A date will be given to you on when you are to collect your unemployment benefits, you will have to collect the money yourself and you must have your white card and your ID book with you.

Before claiming unemployment benefits, you must be prepared for many things. There is some counselling that the labour officials will give to you and they might give you some job offers as well. Be prepared for all of this. You will need to do all of the following;

  • Go for training or career counselling if the UIF officer asks you to.
  • Be available for work. If you are offered work, you need to be ready to work.
  • Go to different companies to ask for work.
  • You will get a form that needs to be signed showing that you have looked for work and that there are no jobs available.

Claiming Illness benefits follows another process and before claiming illness benefits you have to show proof that you are sick and a document needs to come from the hospital. To start the UIF payout process for illness benefits you will need to go to the labour office and get a form, if you are too sick to move or even go to the office yourself then you can send in someone that can help you start the process.

Once you get the form you will need to fill it and sign it, then the signed form will need to be returned to the labour office. You will be paid benefits for the time that the doctor has booked you off work but not for the first 2 weeks off work. You’ll also only be paid for the time that you’ve not received normal wages from your employer. Illness benefits will be paid to you by cheque and posted to you. There are so many rules that is being associated with illness benefits and there are some reasons why you might not be able to receive that claim.

You will need the following documents to proceed;

  • A copy of your bar-coded identity document.
  • Copies of your last six payslips. Information supplied by your employer (UI-19).
  • A service certificate from the employer.
  • Proof of banking details.
  • A statement of the amount received from your employer during the period of the illness.
  • A fully completed registration form.
  • You also need to submit a medical certificate from your doctor.


The UIF payout process is easy you just need the necessary documents and you are good to go. You must know how to do all of this online instead of going to the labour office daily for assistance.

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