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There were so many issues that were ongoing in the UIF ters and this happened first during the COVID-19 era. The ters was known as one of the most effective monetary government interventions over the years. The ters were created as a lifeline to help in supporting employees and small businesses during the COVID-19 era.

UIF Ters

TERS refers to the temporary Employer/ Employee Relief Scheme introduced during the Covid 19 period to help support people and businesses affected by lockdowns. Therefore, it is a relief or supports only given to people whose employers declared to the UIF. UIF ters have been of help and this was a massive improvement by the government.

UIF Ters status

The UIF ter status can be checked online once you follow the step-by-step procedure that will be stated here. You will have to visit the website to input your details to be able to check your status. Checking Your Status;

  • First visit the UIF TERS Payment Status https://uifecc.labour.gov.za/
  • Page Enter the unique captcha code provided to you
  • Select the lockdown period for which you are meant to receive benefits for
  • Enter your official ID number Click GET STATUS

UIF Ters Login

You can log in to check your UIF ters account by using the https://uifecc.labour.gov.za/covid19/ you can do this by inputting your username and password and clicking on login. This will open your account and see the status of your ters on the platform.

UIF Ters Latest News Today

Employers who are faced with corruption are ready to face the music as the UIF comes for them. Employers that have refused to pay their employees the actual amount of money have been arrested and they will be ready to face the law. Many employers have failed to return the money to the UIF or their employees and this has prompted the UIF to take action.

UIF Ters Contact Number

You can contact the UIF ters by using the following number or via mail. Dedicated TERS Hotline: 0800 030 007 and 012 337 1997 · UIF Call Centre: 0800 UIF (0800 843 843)

Is UIF Ters Still Available?

The UIF ters are not available, if any more dates are opened the labour department will inform everyone. However, a statement has been released by them saying; the extension has been subject to robust discussions with social partners at the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC). The receipt of Covid-19 TERS applications for the 16 September 2020 to 15 October 2020 will close on 31 December, and no further applications shall be accepted beyond that date.

Who Qualifies for UIF Ters Benefit

Any business that is facing a hard time due to the lockdown qualifies for the UIF ters benefit. Companies are encouraged to apply on behalf of their employees using the e-mail address (COVID-19ters@labour.gov.za). Once you email this address, an automatic reply with all the required documents and a step-by-step process for applying will follow.  Completed applications and documents must be submitted to Covid19UIF@labour.gov.za. For assistance, you can call the government’s hotline on (012) 337 1997.

How much does UIF Ters Pay?

The amount that you are to receive by the UIF ters is not much but in all sense, it is capable of taking pressure off your shoulders for some time and if you are facing any distress it can help as a relief. The C19 TERS benefit calculated and paid by UIF is R2 500 and so the employer will recover the R2 000 loaned to you and pay you the remaining R500.

UIF Ters Questions & Answers

If there are any questions that you would love to ask you can drop them in the comment section and we will get them across to you as soon as possible.

Covid-19 TERS was also legally valid because section 5 (b) of the Unemployment Insurance Amendment Act (Act 10 of 2016) allows the UIF to provide financial support to schemes that aim to retain employment for workers.

Covid-19 TERS was made possible by the accumulated contributions of workers and the Public Investment Corporation’s (PIC) investment management, which had seen the UIF grow from R53 billion in 2011 to R151 billion before the introduction of Covid-19 TERS. The ters was termed as a success at first but over time there were some irregularities in the system that was taken place.

Some employers were no longer paying their employees the amount of money that they should have gotten in the UIF system. This made the UIF seek intervention and fish out employers that were carrying out this act. The UIF made payments to employers and asked them to pay their employees their relief along with the COVID-19 ters which they are supposed to receive and the UIF allowed employers to apply on behalf of their employees and make sure that they are paid on time.

On getting the notice of the UIF so many employers fail to pay their employees on time and many did not pay at all. This made the program ineffective as it created a lot of loopholes in the system, so many employers were using the money that was meant for employees to build up their businesses due to the instability and crises they were having during that period.

Currently, beneficiaries have been paid an amount of R14 148 118, 29 in both Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. UIF continues to pay this benefit as and when complete and competent claims are received, and the claim has passed all checks with various institutions.

The UIF launched a fraud committee and made sure that there was transparency in the system. The UIF also created a fraud hotline number which conveyed information to our forensic auditors that conducted the “follow the money project” to account for every cent and rand paid through Covid-19 TERS. To date, the project has resulted in close to R900 million being returned to the UIF’s coffers while our partnerships with financial institutions and law enforcement agencies at the Fusion Centre have led to several arrests and convictions in courts.


We have given you every information about the UIF ters. Every detail and how some employers mismanaged the funds have been talked about here. I hope we have answered all the pending questions that you have.

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