What Happens to My UIF Contribution if I Resign? (2024)

Claiming UIF and getting your benefits is not difficult, the issue lies when you resign from your job and expect to get benefits like others who are facing unemployment issues. There are so many rules to the UIF and if you can follow them you are good to go.

What Happens to My UIF Contribution if I Resign?

Before planning to go into the UIF system certain rules and regulations are needed for you to pass through this level. Collecting your benefits from the UIF can be quite easy, there is so much that you can do while using this program and so much to benefit from. It is advisable that you consider the UIF rules as an employer or even as an employee to ensure that your contribution can benefit from it.

The general rule is that a person is not entitled to UIF benefits if he resigns from his job. An employee can only get benefits if his service contract has expired if he was dismissed by his employer, or if his employer is sequestrated. The benefits from the Fund do not cover the full compensation and the percentage you are to receive depends on how long you have been contributing to the fund.

There are two criteria that the department of labour uses to look at before even paying out your benefits which are; your contribution over the last four years and your salary over the last four years. This is why it is advised to follow the rules, know when to apply for benefits and know when to contribute as well.

The UIF platform has made it clear on resignation and other cases like fraud can affect your benefits but if you are dropped from your job then there are unemployment benefits for you and you must make sure that you are not dropped on cases of fraud or theft from the company you work for. It is important to know that a retiree can get retirement benefits and would not receive UIF benefits as there are other payments that category of workers receive from the government.

There are other types of benefits available on the UIF platform that you can claim after some time, you have maternity benefits, illness benefits, survivor benefits and adoption benefits. Each benefit has different ways of claiming them and you must fall into that category before you will be allowed to claim that particular benefit.

The benefit that many persons claim more is the unemployment benefit and this was done during the covid-19 era as there were lots of persons that were dropped from their jobs. Those that have been paying their UIF contribution got their benefits in a few weeks before getting a new job.

Getting a new job during the Covid-19 era was difficult as more businesses kept shutting down, even those working in the government sectors are not safe as there were COVID cases everywhere which hindered lots of people and money was not flowing through the country, business became very slow and things were going bad. After the COVID-19 era, the government saw the importance of the UIF and this is why there is an increase in contributions and increase in benefits. Many people were surviving based on the benefits they were receiving monthly and this was what helped lots of people and their families at that time.

It is very important to know your UIF rights and your obligations as this will help you in knowing when to make contributions and knowing when to collect your benefits. Claiming unemployment benefits is very easy, just make sure you claim within six months of your last day of being employed. Each of the benefits has a qualifying condition and there are certain things that you will need to provide before you will be able to get the needed documents.

You can place several calls to the UIF officials and make them know the issues that you are going through, that is if you are finding it hard to claim your benefits. It is important to know the documents needed for the UIF and you can visit the labour office to make enquiries about everything that is needed. Knowing when to claim your UIF is very important so that you will not miss the waiting period and there are lots of things that might be required from you. The queue at the labour office might be long and you need to wait and not make any issues so that you will not be harassed.

Resignation might come in various ways and you will not be able to get your benefit once you resign from the company, this is why it is advised that if you resign you should take your mind off the benefits that are attached to the UIF. The same benefit that is added to the UIF for the employee the employer also has the same as well. When an employer terminates an employee’s services that employee can claim by applying to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

Provided there had been contributions made to the UIF while working/employed. Similarly, the employee cannot claim UIF Benefits if they have absconded/deserted from work or been suspended. Having all your documentation is needed to register the UIF through fax, email or even calls. You can make arrangements to go to the labour office and make sure you get all documents ready for registration.


Resigning and getting your UIF benefit is very difficult, this is why it is important to know the rules and regulations of the UIF. It is so much you need to know about the UIF which can be found in this article and we have given you full details about everything you need to know. UIF is very beneficial to society and it is possible to benefit from all of this.


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