UIF Maternity Online, Payments (2024) Contact Details

The unemployment trust fund known as the UIF is one of those programs created by the government that is meant to cater for lots of persons under the tiers that have been stated in the program. You can do various things with the UIF and to qualify for the benefits of the program you must be contributing monthly and if you fall into any of the categories you will be well catered for.

UIF Maternity Online

The UIF maternity benefits have been regarded as the best and one of the easiest that you can benefit from. The maternity benefit is for females that have been contributing to the fund and eventually, become pregnant, put to birth or even had a miscarriage and then go for maternity leave.

These people are entitled to the UIF benefits because they have contributed to the fund. The benefits which are being received in the UIF can come during a period like four months and this depends on how long you have been contributing to the fund. To get paid for a longer period you must have been contributing to the UIF for four (4) years which will allow you to be able to receive benefits for 121 days during maternity leave.

Six weeks before your maternity should leave you to inform the labour department and you submit every document that is needed. This will allow you to apply for your claim. The earlier you submit the better for you as this will give them enough time to be able to process your documents and which will let you know the next step to take.

One of the major advantages of maternity benefits is that you can get this benefit continually over the years-long as during those periods you did not apply for unemployment benefits or illness benefits as this will show on your records as well. You will be asked to show pregnancy test proof from your doctors or the hospitals and there might be other questions that will be asked of you, this is why it is better that you carry out this procedure yourself as you will know what to do.

The UIF contribution fund was recently increased by the government because of the importance and the benefits that is been attached to it. Lots of citizens have benefitted from this fund and there are over 20,000 people that have registered and contributed monthly. Though there are some rules and regulations that one has to follow, this has to be one of the best programs that have happened over the years.

UIF Maternity Documents Needed to Claim Benefits

The following documents below are what is needed to claim the UIF benefit these documents must be submitted at the labour office nearest to you or you can fax them at little charges which will be collected from you. Providing and filling these documents will allow you to claim the maternity benefits that are designed by the UIF.

  • A copy of your 13-digit bar-code ID or passport.
  • Completed form UI-19 by the employer.
  • You can obtain the UIF maternity forms UI-19 online.
  • A medical certificate from your doctor certifying that you are indeed pregnant.
  • Original completed yellow form UI-2.3.
  • Completed from UI-2.7, filled by your employer.
  • Form UI-2.8 for banking details. The bank needs it to confirm your banking details and that the account is active.
  • Completed yellow follow-up form UI-4

UIF Maternity Payments

Once you are contributing to the UIF monthly then you are entitled to the UIF maternity payments. Getting these payments shows that you are on maternity leave and according to the labour government maternity leave can last for six weeks or more and you will get paid between 38% – 58% of your salary monthly in the next four (4) months from the UIF.

The Labour government also states that if your employer pays you only 75% of your salary on maternity leave then the UIF is entitled to pay you the remaining 25%. Before you can start claiming maternity payments from the UIF your employer has to stop paying you first and you must present some documents which have been listed above there which will be used in checking your details all of this is to show if you qualified for the claim.

Before being able to claim your UIF maternity payments, you should be able to check your UIF maternity status online and there are several ways of doing this. The UIF maternity status is one that you can easily check that will show you information if your claim has been accepted and know when you are going to get paid. This status can be checked online by using the uFiling website or even visiting the nearest labour office. Each labour office in every provincial area has its contact details which you can easily reach with, you will have to register with the labour office thereby putting your name on a list and waiting in the queue once you are called you will be asked some questions and will be asked for your identification and other documents that could help check the status on the UIF. Another method of checking your UIF status is by sending a mail to the labour department and you will have to email some documents to them which will enable them to check your status as well.

UIF Maternity Contact Details

The UIF maternity contact details are stated below. You can easily make calls to any of the numbers as they are toll-free. The UIF number to call is 0800 843 843 (0800) or 0800 030 007.


We have given you all the important information about the UIF maternity online, contact details and other vital information that is needed to know.


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